Workplace optimization UI

A UI that is both aesthetically pleasing, simple to use and does everything that it needs to

I collaborated with Backend Developers to design software that could later be used to streamline their process of data analysis and prototyping. I began by researching similar software that existed and broke down elements in their design that could be transferred to this software. Before prototyping, I sketched out quick preliminary thumbnail sketches of how the flow would work. Lastly, I created a design document of the entire interface, the flow, and certain Frontend functions that would need to be present in the software. The goal of the document was to help with the development process of the software.

Programs: Illustrator, XD

Scroll down for visuals from my process.


UI Ideation and Sketching.jpg

Preliminary Design


Final Design

Representative Page_edited.png

Final Style Guide

UI Style Guide.png